Silence is musical

Thursday, July 21, 2011 8:55 PM Posted by Molly MacIntyre
I don't want much, I want simple things. I want the deepest most sacred relationship with my heavenly father. I want to be silent, and hear His voice. I don't need what they are selling, I don't even need all I have. Money doesn't mean much to me, its neither good nor bad... it just is. Give me a dirt floor, a pair of shoes, and a divine purpose... and I'm happy. As long as what I have is truth... I rest in Him. I don't want fear, I want freedom. Freedom is trust. Lack of trust is doubt. Doubt is fear. And because fear can be paralyzing, not trusting the lord is... paralyzing.  If He put me "here" to do "this" than I cannot fail. I am not alone, even when I feel I am. Worship is not just my song, but what I do with my hands, what I say with my mouth and where I walk with my feet. I want to be remembered, but even more I want to remember why I am here. I want to serve.

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